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  高三英语作文 篇一:

  Chinese there are a lot of traditional culture, such as the Lantern Festival, the Dragon Boat Festival Dragon Boat Glutinous Rice Balls to eat, to celebrate the Mid Autumn Festival, summer egg fight...... I love most is the beginning of the egg fight.

  The day of the beginning, I invited my buddy to fight my eggs. At the beginning of the egg, mother prepared an egg for each of us and said, "who is the last of the eggs, who is the king of the egg!" First of all, I and Yao Peiyu, both of us egg head to the egg, who will not let anyone, to fight each other up. We just fight soon, they heard the click sound, there is a broken egg! I was so surprised that I looked at my eggs, and thank God, my eggs were not broken. It was Yao Peiyu who accidentally hit the empty head with my tip! We saw it and laughed all the time. He bites and says, "come again!" This time, we all put out the strength of the milk, but his strength was not big, so he was defeated by me! Left Xiao Yuxuan, although she is a girl, but not a good deal.

  All of a sudden, I came up with a good plan and a seamless plan. I used to fight with her on the empty end and broke up in a moment. I thought to myself, "this is the end of you. Your sharp head has been damaged. I will fight with you with a good and sharp tip." So, I tried to wipe the egg head, and suddenly blows, give strength to my eggs. At first, her eggs were damaged, and she was not so big as I was, so I was easily defeated. I jumped up with joy. Mother loudly announced, "the end of the game, Sun Yize is the king of eggs!" Now everyone begins to eat eggs. " We eat eggs, and all the people are in the atmosphere of joy.

  The egg not only brought us happiness, but also let me understand a truth: everything should be brain, with wisdom to win!

  高三英语作文 篇二:

  The person I admire is my mum. She is an English teacher.

  She is very popular among the students because she spends lots of time on her lessons and has a good sense of humor. Students all enjoy her class.

  My mum is not only a good teacher, but also a great mother. She is patient with me and always smiling while talking.

  My mum teaches me how to think independently and helps me to build up my confidence. When I have some difficulties in my studies, it is my mum who encourages me to work until I solve the problem.

  When I’m feeling sad or bad, it is also my mum who looks after me with care.

  I remember when I caught a fever at midnight last year, my mum took me to the hospital as fast as she could. When we got home after my injection, it was about 5 o’clock in the early morning.[本内容由 西西作文 wWw.xianDiaoyu.com 整理]

  My mum only slept 2 hours because she had to wake up at 7 o’clock to prepare breakfast for me, and then she went to work. She must be very tired that day.

  My mum is not very beautiful, but I admire and love her.

  高三英语作文 篇三:

  It is a fresh start. I came to the new city which is much different from myhometown, and I should be looking forward to it. The most important thing incommon with my area is group mountain ring around which let me familiar and be enthusiasticabout climbing.

  Theprocess is not easy. Although the mountains is only 3 kilometers away from myschool as the crow flies, I have to go 25 kilometers more because the road isunder the road. The first problem to get rid before climbing is to go to thefront of the mountains by convenient means of transportation.

  Climbing the highest mountain directly from the front is a challengingoption. I consider that I could climb the hills on the side, then follow themountains to a higher mountain, and finally climb the highest mountain.Although the road quality has increased, it seems to me that this alternativeis more feasible.

  Forthis project, I need to purchase relevant equipment and spare enough time tosupport my mountaineering activities. It is one thing bothers me that we arenot restricted to travel because of the epidemic prevention. I believe that theday when the school opens is the day when I arrive at crest.

  高三英语作文 篇四:

  How to keep healthy /fit? Here is my advice about how to keep healthy/fit. As a middle shool student. first you’d better do more exercise such as playing ball games , running, swimming and jumping ropes(绳子). Then you should pay attention to your diet or meals. Don’t eat too much meat or suger ,but more vegetables and fruit.Third you need enough sleep or rest . Next keep yourself happy.As people often say smiling makes younger.Last you mustn’t drink wine or smoke .They are bad for your health. That is my advice.I hope you are healthy and enjoy your life.


  高三英语作文 篇五:




  高三英语作文 篇六:

  Believe in Yourself,And You Will Win One night in August when I was doing my physics exercises,I met a difficult problem. Forty minutes passed I still couldn’t work it out.. The answer was on the last few pages of the book. How I wanted to see the answer! But our teacher told us to do our homework by ourselves! My sister was in senior Two. Then she wanted to help me. But I refused. I studied the note and read my text book again and again. Finally,from one example my teacher gave us,I worked the problem out! How happy I was! Now friends,remember “Believe in yourself,and you will win.”


  高三英语作文 篇七:

  Conflicts with others are common in everyday life.

  One Possible Version

  Conflicts with others are common in everyday life. During the basketball game yesterday afternoon, Su Hua and Li Jiang bumped into each other, trying to catch the ball. Then they started

  shouting and yelling, and it turned into a horrible quarrel.

  To be honest, it was Su爷s fault but Li was also to blame—they were not calm enough and both said some really mean things. They cared too much about winning and losing. As a matter of fact, blocking, pushing and bumping are just part of a tough game.

  To avoid such conflicts, we should be kind to one another, which is essential to enjoying a

  harmonious life. It is also a virtue to forgive and forget, especially in such a competitive and

  stressful society. Instead of blaming each other, we should communicate more and put ourselves in


  Don’t be self-centered and try to be considerate. We must learn to handle conflicts calmly and


  高三英语作文 篇八:

  The seas and oceans receive the brunt of human waste, whether it is by deliberate dumping or by natural run-off from the land.

  In fact over 80% of all marine pollution comes from land-based activities and many pollutants are deposited in estuaries and coastal waters.

  Here the pollutants enter marine food chains, building up their concentrations until they reach toxic levels.

  It often takes human casualties to alert us to pollution and such was the case in Minimata Bay in Japan when many people died as a result of a pollutant building up in food chains.

  A factory was discharging waste containing methyl mercury in low concentrations into the sea and as this pollutant passed through food chains it became more concentrated in the tissues of marine organisms until it reached toxic levels.

  As a consequence 649 people died from eating fish and shellfish contaminated with mercury and 3500 people suffered from mercury poisoning.

  高三英语作文 篇九:

  From the chart, it is obvious that renting a room near the university is more comfortable to live in. However, If let choose, I will choose the former without hesitation.

  For one thing, I’m a person who is afraid of loudiness. So I would like to live with other 3 persons rather than myself alone. Moreover, I can learn how to communicate with others and help each other if I live with other people. I also can make more friends in the university.

  Secondly, even though there is no single cleaning facility in the dormitory, it can help me adapt myself to the surrounding and learn how to live in harmony with others. What’s more, although I’m a person who loves freedom, I hope the dormitory life could make my life more regular and meaningful.

  Last but not 高二 least, the fees of the dormitory is far cheaper than the renting room. Choosing the former one will make easier to me to afford it by myself.

  In a word, it is absolute for me to choose the university dormitory. As the facts I mentioned, I believe it is a wise choice.

  高三英语作文 篇十:

  I have a dream, deeply rooted in my mind, that is when I grow up, I want to be a scientist, although I have no wisdom, no rigorous thinking, also does not have the accurate judgment, but I still wont give up work. Although this dream I very far away, but I still wont stop pursuing. Although in the process of realize the dream, there will be many setbacks and countless hardships, but Im still not discouraged. Because I believe that only through hell of polish, and to build to create the power of heaven, only through the blood fingers, to pop up to the swan song of time; Only through hardships and setbacks, to achieve your dreams!

  Previously, whenever see scientists remarkable achievement, always feel envy and admiration. Is, they promoted the development of the society; Is, they make peoples living standards improve, But they, for the development of the motherland ushered in a brand new tomorrow!

  So, I want to be a scientist, become a contribution to the country, to become the pillars of the country.

  Had this dream, I will continue to be so hard, never give up, have the dream, is to grasp their own life course, will not be lost. Had this dream, like a lamp, light up my way forward, has been to the pinnacle of victory!

  高三英语作文 篇十一:


  1.请检查(check on)明天的'车是否落实,提醒司机(remind sb. of sth.提醒某人做某事)。





  At the last minute, Clara was unable to get to the airport. She wrote her brother, Tom, a note describing Ernic so that he would be able to find him. What did Claras note say?

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